POTD: Two Pairs of American Firearm Manufacturer’s Handcuffs


POTD: Two Pairs of American Firearm Manufacturer’s Handcuffs

Welcome to today’s Photo of the Day! The 1930s were a time that was rife with unrest and crime. It all started with the prohibition in 1920 and slowly got worse as the Great Depression rose up and came to reality. Firearm sales were booming with post-war technology and this meant that organized criminals had access to a whole new arsenal. Firearms manufacturers prided themselves on being proprietors that could sell guns to police departments around the country. A few of those companies attempted to tap into a whole new market in the form of handcuffs!

“1) Harrington & Richardson Super handcuffs no. 123, patented in 1934, with nickel plated finish. Marked “H. & R. ARMS COMPANY/ WORCESTER, MASS. U.S.A./ PAT. 1,984,677” on both and one side is stamped “MADE/ IN U.S.A”. Includes original blue box, with end label, instructions inside lid, copy of patent papers, and two keys. 2) Pair of Smith & Wesson Model 90, nickel handcuffs, with two keys in original factory box and paper. Serial numbered 809361, with S&W trademark on opposite side. Second cuff is marked, “MADE IN U.S.A./MARCAS REGISTRADAS/ SMITH & WESSON/ SPRINGFIELD, MASS.”. Instructions printed on inside of lid.”

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