FN America Stakes Claim to First Red Dot-Ready 22, the 502 Tactical


FN America Stakes Claim to First Red Dot-Ready 22, the 502 Tactical

FN America has been on a roll. In the past week, they announced the release of a revamped version of their venerable SCAR carbine. On the heels of that news was the unveiling of a pistol whose time has come. The 502 Tactical is a compact, action-ready 22 LR with aggressive good looks.

This new hammer-fired, single action pistol sports a feature FN has already integrated into some centerfire handguns: a slide-mounted, co-witnessing red dot mount. Even for a relatively low-recoil 22, the durability and stability of a direct mounting system are desirable, not to mention the failsafe design of having tall iron sights that will co-witness for well-rounded practice or in case of red dot failure.502 Tactical

Those tall sights serve an additional function on the 502 Tactical. A threaded barrel is standard. Attaching a suppressor makes this a quiet system that can be enjoyed by beginners and experienced shooters alike.

Unusual for a new 22 pistol is that holster selection will be relatively easy. FN built this gun around the existing 509 model frame, and it will fit most 509 holsters. No only is this convenient for carrying the gun, it makes training for consistent handling more affordable in current market conditions, when centerfire ammo is expensive, but many people have bricks of 22 in their personal stash.502 Tactical

Capacity is generous, too, with two magazines included. One holds 10 rounds; the other holds 15 and is long enough to please the large segment of shooters who’d rather not feel their pinky dangling below the grip. That grip, by the way, has molded-in texture that matches the 509’s, again contributing to a consistent experience across the collection.502 Tactical

Keeping with current standards, the slide stop, mag release, and thumb safety are all ambi, all the time. The safety flips up when engaged, 1911-style. The trigger is set at approximately 5 pounds, making the 502 even further matched to typical carry guns for economical practice.502 Tactical


  • CALIBER: 22 LR
  • OPERATION: Single Action Only (SAO)
  • MAG CAPACITY: 10 or 15 Rounds
  • WEIGHT: 23.7 ounces
  • BARREL LENGTH: 4.6 inches with 1/2×28 threads
  • OVERALL LENGTH: 7.6 inches
  • TWIST RATE: 1:16″ Right-hand
  • HEIGHT: 5.8 inches
  • WIDTH: 1.4 inches
  • TRIGGER PULL:  5 pounds (approximately)
  • SIGHT RADIUS: 5.5 inches
  • COLORS:  Flat Dark Earth, Black
  • MSRP:  $499.99
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