POTD: Scarce E. Carlstrom Sleeve Pistol – 1930s Concealed Carry


POTD: Scarce E. Carlstrom Sleeve Pistol – 1930s Concealed Carry

Welcome to today’s Photo of the Day! Despite the patent description, this old concealed carry gun is not automatic in any sense of the word. It works a lot more like a bolt-action system in which the breech is opened, a cartridge is inserted, and the breech is locked shut. The E. Carlstrom Sleeve Pistol looks a lot like some sort of glove or wrist gun you would see issued to secret agents, but this was marketed for the everyman to wear on his sleeve and have a form of legitimate concealed self-defense. The caliber is only listed as 30 caliber centerfire and considering this patent is prior to the 30 carbine cartridge it can be left to speculation.

“This sleeve pistol was described in Elek B. Juhasy’s August 27, 1929 patent as an “automatic concealed firearm for self defense.” The rifled barrel unscrews for loading and fires a .30 caliber center fire cartridge. The pistol is fastened to a leather strap by a metal stiffener which is marked “PATENTED E. CARLSTROM CHICAGO/4852S MAY ST./U.S.A.” The leather strap has elastic bands to fit around the forearm. A striker similar to that found on pen pistols is pulled back in order to cock the gun. The striker is released when the operator pulls back on a wire that is attached to a ring on the middle finger by flipping the hand upwards. The pistol has a two piece black box. This pistol is described in Lewis Winant’s book FIREARMS CURIOSA, pages 161-162.”

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