POTD: Suppressed Revolver Requirements – Suppressed Nagant Revolver


POTD: Suppressed Revolver Requirements – Suppressed Nagant Revolver

Welcome to today’s Photo of the Day! So, today we have a picture of my personal Nagant revolver with a suppressor attached at the muzzle. Besides getting into the specifics of the suppressor and revolver combo let us dive into why suppressing a revolver is not really a thing. So, basically it boils down to gases. Revolvers have all sorts of gaps and leaks that gases can escape through. In order to properly suppress anything, you need all gases to be sealed and only flow through the barrel. In the very special case of the Nagant revolver and a few other rarer examples, this revolver is capable of a gas seal. The seal is achieved by the revolver rotating and also moving forward to kiss the barrel. This in itself does not seal the revolver. The Nagant revolver uses 7.62x38R and if you have never seen one of these cartridges they are odd-looking compared to traditional cartridges. The Nagant revolver cartridge features a bullet that is flush or just below flush on the cartridge’s mouth. When the revolver cylinder rotates and pushes toward the barrel the cartridge mouth enters the barrel slightly. When fired the bullet spreads the cartridge mouth achieving a gas seal and making it possible to have a suppressed revolver.

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