POTD: Did Not Know That Was Real – Flatau Device


POTD: Did Not Know That Was Real – Flatau Device

Welcome to today’s Photo of the Day! Now this one is something that I had always thought was completely made up. This is a Flatau device. The Flatau device was made to be accompanied by a sidearm of some sort that was modified with a large rimmed stud on the side. In this case, a Colt Single Action Army is the sidearm in question. The Flatau device was intended to not only eliminate the need for a holster and potentially free up some money for the user but also make the sidearm capable of being fired from the hip position quickly. I remember seeing something like this in the movie The Quick and The Dead so I always thought it was movie magic!

“History of this individual is unknown. The hammer screw is a special screw with over-sized button head. The revolver is accompanied by a light weight russet leather small loop cartridge belt with the Flatau device which consists of a two-prong, slotted, spring steel clip riveted to an arched, rectangular backplate. The backplate is attached to the belt by four copper rivets. The spring clips engages the revolver hammer screw and attach the revolver to the belt. The revolver can be quickly disengaged from the clip or swiveled and fired from the belt…

Approximately 500 units were manufactured for U.S. Army trial issue. A smaller number of the Bridgeport Rigs were manufactured for the civilian market. Surviving examples of Bridgeport Rigs are rare. The revolver has a full nickel plated finish and is fitted with two-piece black hard rubber checkered grips with the Rampant Colt trademark in an oval at the top. The revolver has the late oval ejector rod head, smokeless powder frame, hammer with bordered knurling on the spur, and cone-shaped firing pin.”

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