POTD: Rare Pedersen GY Self-Loading Rifle – Pedersen’s Garand


POTD: Rare Pedersen GY Self-Loading Rifle – Pedersen’s Garand

Welcome to today’s Photo of the Day! This is an extremely rare Pedersen GY Rifle with serial number four. When Garand’s rifle was in military trials in the 1930s, Pedersen was submitting his own rifle designs. The Garand; however, was gaining favor over the more complicated toggle-locked T1 Pederson. This made Pedersen mix it up a bit by combining features of his rifle with the then competing Garand rifle. As we are familiar with now, the Garand rifle won out, would be adopted, and go on to be one of the most beloved pieces of Americana.

“The GY rifle had a gas cylinder, hand guard, operating rod and new “telescoping” rotating bolt. The rifle retained the en-bloc clip, spiral-ribbed barrel, drum rear sight and walnut stock with grasping grooves and cooling vents that were features on the T1 Pedersen rifle. This rifle has been further modified by the incorporation of a “stripper clip” guide on the left rear side of the receiver. The left side of the receiver is marked with the serial number “4” followed by the legend: “PEDERSEN SELF-LOADING RIFLE/MODEL GY CAL.30.U.S.” in two-lines, and “GY4″ is also stamped on the top of the operating rod.”

Photo Courtesy of Rock Island Auction Company


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