POTD: The Remington Nylon 76 – The Trailrider 22!


POTD: The Remington Nylon 76 – The Trailrider 22!

Welcome to today’s Photo of the Day! Recently you have potentially heard a lot about the Remington Nylon 66 rimfire rifle from our Curious Relics series. In the most recent article, I detailed sole variations of the Model 66, but mentioned that they sprung a whole avalanche of other style actions and feeding mechanisms within the Nylon 66 family. I wanted to take the opportunity to go over one I can only assume I will never get to work with. This is the Remington Nylon 76! This lever-action version of the Nylon 66 was introduced in 1962 and quickly discontinued in 1965. It was called the Trailrider and would become infamous for being Remington’s first and only lever-action rifle. It was touted as “the fastest lever-action” since it was designed to have a short throw; very similar to the current modern-day Browning lever action 22 rifles.

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