POTD: Standard Arms Co. Model G Semi-Automatic Rifle – Not a Prototype


POTD: Standard Arms Co. Model G Semi-Automatic Rifle – Not a Prototype

Welcome to today’s Photo of the Day! Here we have an example of a Standard Arms Company Model G semi-automatic rifle. These rifles were an initial product for the Standard Arms Company in the early 1900s. This specific one is estimated to be manufactured somewhere in 1910. Along with the Model G, there was also a Model M which was a manual pump action. The Model M apparently worked fairly well for an early pump action, but the awful reputation of unreliability and the cumbersome nature of the semi-auto Model G made these guns a complete failure. Despite the very unfinished look of these guns, they do have some very nice attention to detail. The standard method of operation would be holding the gun upside down, pressing a button to open the floor plate, tossing in some ammunition, close the floorplate, and use the manual brass pump handle to rack one into the chamber. From there the gun is locked and ready to fire in a semi-auto.

“Manufactured circa 1910. The stock has some added designs.”

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