POTD: U.S. Inland M1A1 Carbine with Krummlauf Device


POTD: U.S. Inland M1A1 Carbine with Krummlauf Device

Welcome to today’s Photo of the Day! Here we have an interesting example of World War Two mimicry in the form of an M1 paratrooper carbine with a Krummlauf Device. We had previously covered this Krummlauf Device on an STG-44 rifle before on Photo of the Day. The Krummlauf Device is basically a bent barrel that helps the operator shoot around an angle for a limited amount of shots. This example is believed to be an experimental M1 carbine using the German Krummlauf Device.

“The device is thick steel construction with a spring-loaded latch assembly for attaching to an M1 muzzle and front sight, and a 9 inch barrel extension with an upward bend of approximately 30 degrees and an internal diameter of roughly 44 caliber. While details are sketchy it is believed that the United States Army experimented with curved barrels after capturing examples of the “Krummlauf Device” for the StG44, there are surviving photographs of similar devices being tested on the M3 SMG. Though not documented, the full-automatic M2 Carbine would be a logical partner for such a device with a Paratrooper-stocked model being especially useful in the Krummlauf’s original purpose as a defensive weapon for vehicle crews.”

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Krummlauf Device

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