The Path Less Traveled #041: SHOT SHOW 2022 Poll


The Path Less Traveled #041: SHOT SHOW 2022 Poll

As this is my first time attending Shot Show, I thought I’d ask the readers to provide input on what they’re anticipating to see this year.

(Firearms will be covered primarily by sister site The Firearms Blog. You can find a lot of their media on TFBTV and TFBTV Show Time.)

With that said, fill out my poll and help me figure out what things will wet your whistle or tickle your fancy to see. My coverage is to satisfy the reader’s desires, so let me know what you’re interested in. I have a few stone-cold, hard-yes things I’m really hyped in seeing and covering:

  • First off, seeing a STEYR PISTOL L9-A2 MF in person. I heard these exist, but even since coming out in 2019, I have yet to see one…
  • See what Klymit is coming out with for comfort and sleeping.
  • Check out the High Ground BANG Pack Slick – No TACTICAL MOLLE webbing all over the outside of the bag!?!? I’m interested.
  • Wondering if Nestor Hosiery will have any Booth Babes well educated booth attendants. Oh, wait… Socks. Not stockings/hosiery? I’ll still check them out!
  • Won’t really need to see the Kahr booth, so I’ll head over to Outdoor Research and see what they’re working on for 2022.

All in all, tell me what you’re interested in!

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