TFBTV – VHS-2! NEW Springfield Hellion Bullpup Review & Mud Test


TFBTV – VHS-2! NEW Springfield Hellion Bullpup Review & Mud Test

In this very exciting episode of TFBTV, James Reeves is pleased to announce the Springfield Hellion bullpup rifle, aka the HS Produkt VHS-2 (specifically, the VHS-K2). Springfield is going to be importing this rifle which has been in production in Croatia since 2008. It serves as the national rifle of Croatia and – of all places – Iraq. A little like a FAMAS (but good) the VHS-2 has quite a reputation to uphold. Does Springfield do it justice with this imported version? Check today’s video on TFBTV to see how it holds up to a range review and a little but of mud/water testing, as well as accuracy testing.

Per HS Produkt:

“The VHS-2 is a fully ambidextrous 5.56 NATO caliber assault rifle. Designed on bullpup modular platform it maintain all the ballistic benefits of a longer barrel in a shorter package without sacrificing overall length, accuracy and muzzle velocity. The polymer receiver is equipped with an 5 point adjustable buttstock. Combination of all of this with dual dust cover ejection ports on both sides of the receiver and specially designed empty case deflectors create flexible and user friendly multi-purpose rifle. The rifle is equipped either with an carrying handle with NATO STANAG 4694 rail and flip up iron sights or with integrated 1.5X optical red dot sight. VHS-2 uses proved short-stroke gas piston operating system with rotating bolt.”

0:00 Intro
1:15 History
4:27 Features and Specs
7:17 Range Review
11:27 Accuracy Testing
12:46 Range Review, Cont.
13:39 Torture Testing
17:25 Conclusion

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