POTD: Henri & Nicolas Pieper BD Pistol – The First Real Pocket Pistols


POTD: Henri & Nicolas Pieper BD Pistol – The First Real Pocket Pistols

Welcome to today’s Photo of the Day! Here, we have an impressively modern pocket pistol in the form of a Pieper BD. The Piepers were a family of gunmakers back in the late 1890s who very early on specialized in pocket-sized handguns. After John Browning’s revolutionary Model of 1899 and 1900 burst onto the scene it was not long before the Pieper family made use of the especially modern take on handguns. This particular Model BD is fitted with an extended magazine that also acts as a grip extension which is amazingly noteworthy considering any handgun of the time with an extended magazine would be just that. No ergonomics or elongated grip texture.

“With standard Belgian proofs on the barrel, slide and frame, all matching serial numbers, and hard rubber “NP” monogrammed checkered grips. Features a unique extended grip magazine.”

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