POTD: Scarce .32 ACP Wiener Waffenfabrik Little Tom DAO Pistol


POTD: Scarce .32 ACP Wiener Waffenfabrik Little Tom DAO Pistol

Welcome to today’s Photo of the Day! Here we have a real treat in the form of a first. This is the Little Tom pistol and it is widely considered to be the first double-action only (DAO) auto-loading pistol. This specific example is in .32 ACP and that makes it rare since they were largely manufactured in .25 ACP. The Little Tom gets its name from its designer who was from Czechoslovakia. That gentleman’s last name roughly translated to “little Tom.” These Austrian manufactured pistols have an extremely interesting loading mechanism. So, basically, this gun has a heel release magazine which is not anything crazy in itself, but the magazine can be inserted either from the ejection port or the heel of the gun. The idea was that you could load the gun with a new magazine by using the new loaded mag to shove out the empty one through the top.

“Manufactured in Austria circa 1919-1925.”

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