JM4 Tactical Announces 2nd Amendment Friendly, Texas-Themed Coffee


JM4 Tactical Announces 2nd Amendment Friendly, Texas-Themed Coffee

That no-so-little holster company from Texas, JM4 Tactical, has just released a tasty new product. JM4 Tactical Coffee is the latest from this ever-expanding, family-owned operation based in Abilene.

“We are a true Second Amendment-supporting coffee brand,” says owner and Marine Corps veteran Chad Myers. His comment is a nameless reference to a high-profile coffee brand that recently went public but not before gaining a measure of infamy among current events-aware supporters of the right to self-defense. Myers and family are longtime supporters of gun rights and education, earning consumer confidence that their dedication to the cause won’t wave like a flag in political winds.

Myers and the JM4 Tactical team worked for well over a year to bring the four new flavors to market. Working with South American bean suppliers and Texas-based roasters, they experimented with grinds and flavors to come up with four that they feel represents their home state, the Second Amendment, and the enjoyment of a good cup o’ Joe. Currently available flavors are Texas Dark Chocolate, Texas Pecan Pie, Vanilla, and Lone Star Breakfast Blend. All are available only in ground form. JM4 sells a K-Cup for use in Keurig style machines.

The JM4 team gifted me with a bag of Texas Dark Chocolate flavor coffee. Just as Myers promised, the grind is espresso-fine, making it conducive to getting the best combination of roasted bean and special flavors from your drip machine. I kinda prefer a fine grind because it seems to make the coffee go farther compared to coarse grinds of the same weight. Anyway, the product does not disappoint. The flavor is bold but not acidic, the chocolate aroma is enticing, and the flavor is rich without being overdone. It’s clear their time spent in R&D was worthwhile.

Treat yourself or a friend to a fine cup of JM4 Tactical Coffee with confidence that you’re supporting a business and down-to-earth people who dedicate more than their fair share of support to sustenance of the Second Amendment, not to mention shooting sports and first responders of Texas. Most large corporations that vend coffee also donate to causes contrary to these things. What a treat to enjoy the simple luxury of a great cup of coffee knowing that your purchase supports the right to self-defense. Order direct for $13.99.

Thanks to STA Blades and Henry Repeating Arms for the photo enhancements.

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