POTD: Scarce Sauer Bär Double Barrel Swivel Breech Pistol


POTD: Scarce Sauer Bär Double Barrel Swivel Breech Pistol

Welcome to today’s Photo of the DayHere we have a Sauer Bär Pistol. This was an early piece of carrying pistol competition for the famous FN 1899 and FN 1900. When the FN pistol came onto the scene it ignited a carry gun revolution and Sauer of Sauer and Son’s came up with this double-action swivel breech rimfire pistol. The Sauer Bär worked similarly to some revolvers in the sense that a center pin is removed to access the breech where it is vertically loaded with 4 total cartridges. Once the breech is reinstalled the Sauer Bär can fire two double-action shots using an alternating firing pin. Once those two are spent the breech can manually be indexed 180 degrees by depressing a button on top of the frame. These came out in 1899 and were manufactured until 1914 with production numbers only going up to 300.

“Under 300 were manufactured between 1899 and 1914”

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Sauer Bär
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