POTD: A Gun of Elegance and Necessity – FN 1922


POTD: A Gun of Elegance and Necessity – FN 1922

Welcome to today’s Photo of the Day! Here we have an FN Model 1922. Since we have been on the topic of the FN 1910 lately with Curious Relics number 35 covering its bloody history, I have also touched on a few variations. Last time I mentioned there was a model 71 which was a very different animal since gun laws regarding importation into the United States changed. Today’s pistol was one of necessity to what would become Yugoslavia of all things. Basically, after the first world war, the Austro-Hungarian empire fell apart and was disbanded. This chunk of the world that would become Yugoslavia needed military arms for its new nation but was pretty short on money. When they reached out to FN in Belgium, FN was pretty quick thinking. They took their already affordable and successful FN 1910 (designed by John Moses Browning) and did their best to make it into a military pistol. This involved lengthening the grip to accept more ammunition and making the barrel longer with easy-to-see iron sights. Thus the FN 1922 was born. These were nifty not so little guns that were chambered in the usual 32 ACP and 380 ACP. They had a capacity of 8 or 9 rounds and were comfortable shooting handguns.

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FN 1922
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