No-Nonsense Workhorse – NEW Daiwa Giant Reel DF18000


No-Nonsense Workhorse – NEW Daiwa Giant Reel DF18000

Daiwa has released the all-new Daiwa DF18000, their newest iteration of the popular DF spinning reel line from Daiwa. These reels are no-nonsense workhorses designed for tough use from the jetties or surf. As well as for chasing giant catfish in big rivers and reservoirs. These reels continue on where the previous DF180A-Giant has left off. They are one the largest reels on the market for one of the lowest prices.

“Anyone in the market looking for a great value priced reel for saltwater species or that require a large capacity of line, this reel is perfect coming in at $59.99,” says Senior Marketing Manager, Marc Mills.

The new DF18000 has all-new cosmetics, and a new rubber tough reel handle. Also comes with a stainless-steel main shaft, fully anodized corrosion-resistant brakes, and a fully anodized corrosion-resistant frame. The reel weighs about 30 ounces without any line.  The line retrieve is 39.4 inches per crank due to the large diameter of the reels spool. That large spool capacity is an incredible 460 yards of 20-pound test monofilament or 600 yards of 50-pound test Daiwa J-Braid. The maximum drag for the reel is 33 pounds.

Daiwa Releases New Giant Reel DF18000

“We had incredibly good response with the predecessor to the reel and are proud to issue this new improvement, which I am sure will be popular with jetty and surf anglers as well as those anglers fishing big catfish; it’s sure to prove itself as a new staple with these type of anglers and with a very good performance to value ratio. It’s a no-frills workhorse that just gets the job done,” concludes Mills.

This new version of their giant budget-conscious spinning reel is priced slightly higher than the previous model of giant spinning reel, but with improvements to the cosmetics and materials used in the construction of the reel. The DF18000 should still keep up with the original great performance-to-value ratio of the DF180A. It should not be hard though considering how incredibly low the price of the reel is for what you are receiving. The MSRP is $59.99.

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