POTD: Rare Spanish Charola y Anitua 7mm Semi-Automatic Pistol


POTD: Rare Spanish Charola y Anitua 7mm Semi-Automatic Pistol

Welcome to today’s Photo of the Day! Here we have a Spanish Charola y Anitua 7mm Semi-Automatic Pistol. These were manufactured by, you guessed it, Charola y Anitua. The company was more well known for their elegant copies of the Merwin and Holbert style revolvers. They are basically Spanish copies of a C96 Broomhandle Mauser, but slightly scaled-down in most ways. The Spanish Charola y Anitua 7mm Semi-Automatic Pistol has a fixed front sight and a fixed rear square notch sight on the top of the receiver. It uses a short recoil system and has a detachable magazine which was a little ahead of some of Mauser’s later magazine modifications. These pistols never caught on in popularity mainly for their very impotent 7mm cartridge. It is estimated that they made around 8,500 of these broomhandle copies.

“Manufactured in Eibar, Spain, circa 1898-1900. Detachable magazine is absent.”


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