TFBTV – James & Hop vs. The CDR (a “Budget” WWSD Rifle)


TFBTV – James & Hop vs. The CDR (a “Budget” WWSD Rifle)

In this episode of TFBTV, James and Hop Reeves take on the CDR Rifle (a “budget” WWSD rifle), a collaborative effort made by KE Arms, Karl Kasarda and Ian McCollum of InRangeTV and Forgotten Weapons and Brownells, Inc.

The CDR is pitched as a “budget” version of the WWSD Rifle (What Would Stoner Do), an ultra-lightweight AR-15. At just 5 pounds, the WWSD is a featherweight carbine, but the price is heavy at $1,700. The CDR is a less expensive (and less-featured) version – how does it stack up against James, Hop, and the flagship WWSD model? Check the vid to see.

0:00 Intro
3:20 WWSD vs. CDR Feature Comparison
9:25 Accuracy Testing
14:07 Comparison, cont.
15:48 Hop’s Review
19:45 Analysis of Costs
21:41 Conclusion


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