New from Shimano Convergence D Series of Fishing Rods


New from Shimano Convergence D Series of Fishing Rods

Shimano, known for their high-quality fishing equipment, has released their newly redesigned line of Convergence D fishing rods. They have engineered the Convergence series of casting and spinning rods to meet the needs of the multispecies anglers. Made from quality components and blanks to be versatile as possible. The new series of fishing rods feature a lightweight carbon blank for added sensitivity and power. This blank is matched with a high-quality Fuji reel seat for all-day comfort and increased sensitivity for the angler. Every model comes with SeaGuide Aluminum Oxide ceramic guides and comfortable cork grips. These factors combined make a fishing rod that is powerful but able to detect the lightest of bites.

New from Shimano – Convergence D Series of Fishing Rods


The Convergence series of rods includes over 20 different models of fishing rods.  Within all these available models, there are many technique-specific models for more specialized approaches. Models of rods are available in both Spinning and Casting models and in one-piece, two-piece, and four-piece rods configurations. The four-piece travel rods come paired with a travel tube for added protection during travel to your fishing spots.

The versatility of this series of fishing rods makes it so they have something to offer for everyone. With the single-piece offerings, great for anyone who has the space and wants to avoid the downsides of multi-piece rods. The two-piece rods, for those who don’t have the space for a full-sized fishing rod in their cars. And finally, the four-piece travel rods, perfect for backpacking or just having a fishing rod under a car seat. These new rods from Shimano have everything you need, be it chasing panfish in farm ponds, redfish in the marsh, or trout high up in the mountains.

  • MSRP: $69.99 – $79.99
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Full line of Convergence Fishing Rods
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