POTD: Very Scarce Haeussler Patented Adler Pistol


POTD: Very Scarce Haeussler Patented Adler Pistol

Welcome to today’s Photo of the Day! Here we have a very scarce Adler Pistol. The Adler or Adlerwaffenwerke Pistol was a pistol designed by a gentleman by the name of Haeussler. Its aesthetic is very similar to that of a Borchart C93 and even a little hint of the Luger (which was based on the Borchart). These came onto the scene in the mid-nineteen-teens and basically got smoked by the commotion regardless of how nice, reliable, or affordable it was, mainly because it was not a gun marketed for military trials and they did not have the marketing power we have today. The Adler Pistol was a straight blowback-operated pistol featuring a top-mounted charging handle, and left-facing loaded chamber indicator, and uses a proprietary bottle-necked 7.25mm Adler cartridge.

“Developed around 1915, the Haeussler pistol is a straight blowback semi-automatic using a proprietary 7.25mm cartridge and a hinged dust cover assembly for easy field stripping and cleaning. Mechanically, the pistol shows a strong resemblance to the work of Hugo Borchardt and Georg Luger, especially in the sear striker assembly, the overall shape of the frame and the grip angle. Blade front and notch rear sights, with a tapered barrel, safety switch on the left side of the frame, and “PATENT HAEUSSLER/ADLERWAFFENWERK/ENGELBRECHT & WOLFF” on the right side. With a pair of checkered grips with imprinted eagle designs, a straw finished trigger, and one magazine with a matching partial number.”

Adler Pistol

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