POTD: What Did The T-Rex Fear? – .577 T-Rex Rifle


POTD: What Did The T-Rex Fear? – .577 T-Rex Rifle

Welcome to today’s Photo of the DayAll dinosaurs feared the Tyrannosaurus Rex, but what was in that big ol lizard’s nightmares? That question was answered by West Point instructor Col. Art Alphin. After retiring in the late 1990s, he went in deep into designing his own rifles and especially his own cartridges. His most recognized triumph came at the request of foreign hunters seeking a hunting cartridge that would bring down any wild game. The result was the firearm and accompanying rifle shared in our Photo of the Day. This is the A-Square .577 T-Rex, otherwise referred to as the .577 Tyrannosaurus. The .577 T-Rex is a thirteen-pound rifle firing 750-grain projectile capable of delivering 10,000 foot pounds of energy. So much payload means it has to have some recoil, right? The .577 T-Rex rifle will knock you on your but with its 170-foot-pound recoil. Now that is a cannon worthy of killing dinosaurs!

“Custom built by A-Square on an Eddystone Model 1914 pattern military rifle receiver with a ramped beaded blade front and fixed express notch rear sights. The right side of the barrel is marked “A-Square/Made in Glenrock, WY, U.S.A.” and “.577 TYRANNOSAUR” on the left. The barrel and receiver are drilled and tapped for scope bases with filler screws in place. The receiver ring still has the original “ERA” marking over the serial number. Heavyweight pistol grip stock with a contrasting forend cap, dual recoil bolts and a vented A-Square recoil pad. With a set of swivel style scope rings.”

.577 T-Rex

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