POTD: Try it On For Size – Model 12 With Try Gun Adjustable Stock


POTD: Try it On For Size – Model 12 With Try Gun Adjustable Stock

Welcome to today’s Photo of the Day! Here we have one of those often overlooked items. As I scrolled through the archives of the internet I stumbled across this piece of old-time gunsmith ingenuity. This is a Winchester Model 12 shotgun fitted with a “Try Gun” adjustable stock. No, the Try Gun is not adjustable for the sake of use by the user. It is an invention to perfectly fit a shotgun to a customer. Basically, the try gun adjustable stock is used to take measurements and make a perfect custom stock. The Try Gun adjustable stocks used measurements of the overall length of pull, drop at comb, drop at heel, cast, and toe. Threaded pins and knurled knobs are in place to set the adjustments.

“Features dual bead sights, round post style vent rib, 2 3/4 inch chamber, and a full choke. The barrel has standard markings including the Winchester “WP” proof on top of the barrel and receiver at the breech. Mounted with a diamond pattern checkered extension forearm. The buttstock is walnut with aluminum fittings and checkered red rubber buttplate. Includes an unmarked adjusting tool. According to Winchester Custom Shop engraver and author Pauline Muerrle in a handwritten letter dated September 4, 2014, this shotgun was once part of her family collection and is one on only four Model 12 “try guns” built by Winchester. Also included is the original Winchester “try gun” stock drawing.”

Try Gun

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