POTD: Shooting for The Moon Again – The Ljutic Mono Gun Trap Shotgun


POTD: Shooting for The Moon Again – The Ljutic Mono Gun Trap Shotgun

Welcome to today’s Photo of the Day! Here we have something mentioned very briefly in a separate Photo of the Day. This is the Ljutic Mono Gun Trap Shotgun. The name Ljutic is often attached to and remembered by the Ljutic Space Gun single-shot shotgun, which was unique in its slam fire or open bolt style of operation. Beyond its abnormal operating system, it looked very strange. One lesser-known invention (but much more produced) by Al Ljutic (the J is silent) is his Mono Gun. The Mono Gun was a single-barreled break-action trap gun. It featured a highly adjustable stock and a 34-inch barrel. To my knowledge, the Ljutic company still exists today but I was not able to find much more information on it besides a troubling recent history on their Wikipedia page.

“Ljutic Industries of Yakima, Washington, is known for its high quality custom competition grade trap shotguns. Features dual white bead sights on the raised, stepped vent rib, ported barrel, 3 inch chamber, and an improved modified choke. Fitted with a smooth semi-beavertail forearm and fully adjustable Precision Fit buttstock. The stock measurements are: drop at comb 1 inch; drop at heel 1 inch; length of pull 14 1/2 inches. Includes a tool kit for the stock containing extra screws, bolts, tools, and springs, as well as an instruction manual for the stock.”

Mono Gun

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