POTD: Sawed Off M1? – Universal Firearms Company Enforcer Pistol


POTD: Sawed Off M1? – Universal Firearms Company Enforcer Pistol

Welcome to today’s Photo of the Day! Here we have some 1970s goofy sales pitch material. This is the Enforcer pistol. A couple of companies are responsible for these odd monstrosities. It started with the Universal Firearms Company introducing them and eventually Iver Johnson bought them out and continued the M1 pistol crusade. They started out with surplus M1 and M2 carbine parts and finally, Iver Johnson had to make their own and adjusted as they went. This one appears to be an earlier Enforcer but a late production Universal if that makes sense. It has the old M1 military adjustable rear sight and an enclosed charging handle. This particular example uses an M2 Carbine operating system so it is select fire! It must be a literal blast to shoot, albeit most likely uncontrollable.

“This is a late production model of the original Universal Firearms company Enforcer. Manufactured by the Iver Johnson Company after they bought Universal Firearms. This example is a fully automatic machine pistol and was termed the “Super Enforcer”. Patterned after the WWII M1 Carbine shortened pistol version. It has the usual selector switch mounted on the side like the WWII M2 carbines. Features a blade front and fully adjustable carbine type rear sight. Includes 3 fifteen-round magazines.”


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