POTD: Did it Pass The Saltwater Test? – The Savage Model 1907 45 ACP


POTD: Did it Pass The Saltwater Test? – The Savage Model 1907 45 ACP

Welcome to today’s Photo of the Day! Here we have what appears to be a normal Savage Model 1907 but in actuality, this could have very easily become the 1911… or at least swapped places with it. Back in the early 1900s United States soldiers were in conflict with factions in the Philippines. They discovered that these adversaries took a little bit more than a shot or two from their 38 caliber revolvers to be subdued. At one point older Colt Single Action Army revolver in 45 Colt was being sent there for more stopping power. The end result of all of this was the military trials of 1907. The chief of the ordinance department at the time put out a request to any and all firearm inventors and manufacturers to present a reliable semi-automatic handgun chambered for the newly tested 45 automatic colt cartridge. One example of handguns submitted was a Savage Model 1907 45 ACP. The Savage Model 1907 45 ACP was a scaled-up version of their 32 ACP and 380 ACP pistols.

“Eighteen companies initially responded but only eight actually submitted a test sample pistol, with Savage and Colt being two of the companies. Ultimately this competition resulted in the contract award to Colt for the Model 1907 pistol. The Savage Model 1907 test pistols were issued to the 3rd, 6th and 11th Cavalry units for field tests, with specific pistol being issued to Troop I 3rd Cavalry, Fort Wingate NM., as listed on page 261 in the book “U.S. Military Automatic Pistols 1894-1920” by Scott Meadows. In total only 288 Savage .45 caliber automatic pistols were manufactured between 1907 and 1911. At the completion of the 1911 competition all the pistols were sold to Tryon & Company with most all examples being refinished and remarked. This specific pistol is one of those specific examples as the original factory markings on top of the barrel rib (except for the CAL 45 markings) have been removed, with the left side of the barrel remarked “SAVAGE ARMS CORP. UTICA N.Y. U.S.A.” However, this example still retains the original thin/narrow grip safety that is not integral with the rear of the frame; it has the Model 1909 improved marking designs of “FIRE” and “SAFE” at the rear of the frame and the wider checkered walnut grip panels. It is complete with one original blued magazine that has the nickel plated follower and blued floor plate, numbered “110” on the back side.”

Savage Model 1907 45

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