POTD: Scarce Webley & Scott Model 1911 Single Shot Pistol


POTD: Scarce Webley & Scott Model 1911 Single Shot Pistol

Welcome to today’s Photo of the Day! Here we have a very interesting early 1900s Webley. It is not your run-of-the-mill Webley & Scott however. This is a Webley & Scott Model 1911 Single Shot Target Pistol. These rather long barreled (9 1/16″) single-shot pistols were made from 1911 until 1919. They were invented with the intention of being training tools and a cheaper shooting option for their larger caliber autoloading handguns. These Model 1911 single shot p[istols were capable of attaching a stock at the base of the grip. They are almost entirely manual guns except for extraction and ejection.

“One of nearly 1,400 manufactured by Webley & Scott, the Model 1911 was designed as a training counterpart to the .32 Metropolitan Police Automatic. In ergonomics very similar to the police pistol, the 1911 uses a straight blowback auto-ejecting action, being reloaded by hand. Sold chiefly to police forces in the Commonwealth, few bear the slide marking “MADE IN ENGLAND” placed on handguns destined for the United States such as this example. It has the early tempered blue finish, a frame slotted for a stock and British proofs. The pistol falls into a serial number range (130770-130799) of 30 units manufactured in October 1919.”

Model 1911

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