NEW Gamakatsu Spiral Z, Beaded Fish Attractor – Freshwater & Saltwater


NEW Gamakatsu Spiral Z, Beaded Fish Attractor – Freshwater & Saltwater

Gamakatsu, longtime leaders in hooks and terminal tackle for everything with fins, from bluegill in a pond to bluefin tuna in the canyons, has expanded their business to even more fishing gear. They are introducing the new Gamakatsu Spiral Z, a beaded attractor that will draw in those fish on the troll in both fresh and saltwater situations.

The new Spiral Z is ideal for trolling for trout and salmon in lakes and rivers. In pressured bodies of water where the trout and salmon have grown accustomed to the same old-style attractors, the new Spiral Z brings in new life to your trolling spread. Anglers who bring out the Spiral Z attractor to their trolling spread will create a whole new look for their troll. With a distinct look, vibration profile, and sound appeal the attractor will get those picky fish to check your lures out. The attractor is built around a stainless-steel wire with colorful beads in a large selection of colors. The Spiral Z is completed with ball-bearing line swivels to eliminate possible line twists and tangles.

The Spiral Z is unlike traditional dodgers and flashers, instead of just fluttering on the troll, the entire package rotates. This creates an undulating lifelike motion that will bring in gamefish of all sorts. It is a super customizable attractor and can be rigged at any distance in front of your favorite trolling lure. Pick any color and size combination that fits the needs of your local fishery, and add your trolling lure of choice to complete the package. Which anglers can spin their way to bigger catches than ever before.

Spiral Z Features

  • Attractor enhances any lure
  • Ball-bearing swivel to prevent line twist
  • Unique rotating action to attract a wide variety of fish species
  • Size: 2 inches and 2 ¾ inches
  • Colors: Red, Pink, Orange, Chartreuse, Nickel, Gold
  • Qty/Pkg: 1
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