Are You Nuts? Know your Fishing Knots! – The Dropper Loop


Are You Nuts? Know your Fishing Knots! – The Dropper Loop

This is a bit unique knot compared to all the others we’ve covered so far. The Dropper Loop does not actually tie anything together, it instead is to create a connection point in the line. The Dropper Loop is very versatile and easy to tie and is a knot that every angler should know how to tie. I use them regularly when fishing bait either in the surf or the boat. These loops are the basis for pompano rigs or chicken rigs offshore. They make a great base for loop-to-loop connections when you need to change leaders quickly or just attach hooks directly to the loops by running the loop through the eye of the hook then wrapping back over the eye of the hook.

Step 1

Start with just your mainline and then make a loop that overlaps.

Step 2

With the loop pass one of the line from one side of the loop through and around to the other side of the loop. With that side make 5+ wraps around the line. The process of making the wraps will leave a new loop open in the center. Keep this new loop open.

Step 3

Take the opposite side of the loop from the wraps and the little loop you made in step two, and run the line through the little loop.

Step 4

Now with the line through the small loop set it to the length you want, and then wet all the lines. Then pull evenly from both sides of the dropper loop. Do this till the coils of the line tighten and the loop is set and stands out from the line. That completes your dropper loop. Now you can use the loop to add a leader too or just attach a hook directly to it.

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