POTD: And Then There Was FOUR! – The Remington Model FOUR


POTD: And Then There Was FOUR! – The Remington Model FOUR

Welcome to today’s Photo of the Day! Here we have one that just sort of snuck in there in terms of when it was released and what it was released with. This is the Remington Model FOUR. It was released alongside the Remington 7400 which was an “updated” version of the 740 and 742 which both are known to have a bunch of problems. The Remington Model FOUR in its six years of production was the deluxe model. Everything about it was nicer. Better wood, a better stock style, and depending on the grade you could get engraving as well. It and the budget model the Remington Model 74 would be discontinued in 1987 and replaced by the 7400 just in different grades.

Manufacturer: Remington Arms Inc
Model: Four
Type: Rifle
Gauge: 270 Win
Barrel: 22 inch round
Finish: blue
Stock: walnut


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