POTD: What’s So Special About It? – The Fitz Special


POTD: What’s So Special About It? – The Fitz Special

Welcome to today’s Photo of the Day! Here we have the original custom carry gun. This is a Colt revolver that is highly modified in accordance with what many consider the “Fitz Special”. The Fitz Special is rooted in origin by John Henry Fitzgerald who was a popular target shooter and all-around gun guy of the early 1900s. He got his start working at the Colt factory in the 1910s as a gunsmith all the way up until the end of World War Two. At some point in 1920, he made a habit of modifying revolvers to great conceal-carry handguns. The hammers would be bobbed, barrel and ejector rods shortened, the front sight installed, and the trigger guard removed halfway. Some were even nickel plated such as this one.

“Manufactured in 1964. “Fitz” style cut away trigger guard and bobbed hammer.”

Fitz Special

Colt Detective Special Revolver in “Fitz special” configuration (no date) Rock Island Auction Company. Available at: https://www.rockislandauction.com/detail/2056/433/colt-detective-special-revolver-in-fitz-special-configuration (Accessed: November 8, 2022).

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