New PENN Ally II Boat Rods – Offshore Trolling & Big Game Fishing


New PENN Ally II Boat Rods – Offshore Trolling & Big Game Fishing

PENN Fishing, an industry leader in fishing tackle and gear innovation, has launched the second generation of its Ally Boat Rod series.  The new PENN Ally II rods come with higher-end components and parts that will meet the demands of offshore trolling and big game fishing. A new catch-all series of offshore boat rods the PENN Ally II rods let anglers load their boats with many options for whatever they’re targeting. Be it trolling, bottom fishing, or deep dropping, the series of rods has many choices for nearshore and offshore action.

The rods are made around one-piece tubular glass blanks, with most models having a solid glass tip to prevent breakage and increase overall strength. The blanks are then equipped with Sea-Guide stainless-steel guides with top-of-the-line zirconium inserts. The new standup roller models of the rods all feature Pac Bay rollers. All the rods are designed with a triangular-shaped EVA Torque foregrip to keep the rod from twisting and rotating while under pressure. The reel seats are heavy-duty Sea-Guide machined aluminum reel seats that make sure your reel isn’t going anywhere. The aluminum PacBay butt section provides added strength and a secure connection during the fight.

Along with all these nice and new components the Ally II rods have been a cosmetic facelift to give the rods a fresh modern look that anglers can appreciate. The PENN Ally II rods will launch with 11 models this month in November 2022, this will include the new roller guide trolling, white marlin, and kingfish models.

Key Features

  • One-piece tubular glass blank with Solid Tip (exception; ALLYBWII80130C60ARBB, ALLYBWII80250C60DD)
  • Sea-Guide PVD Black Stainless-Steel Guides with Zirconium inserts
  • PacBay Roller Guides (select models)
  • Sea-Guide® Aluminum HBS Reel Seats
  • Sea-Guide® DBS Reel Seats (select models)
  • PacBay Aluminum Straight Butt (select models)
  • PacBay Aluminum Bent Butt (select models)
  • EVA Handles with Torque Grip

Available Models:


Available: November 2022
Price: $149.95 – $399.95

For more information about PENN Fishing, please click here.

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