POTD: Something Old Improved – The Colt/Ehlers Pocket Baby Paterson


POTD: Something Old Improved – The Colt/Ehlers Pocket Baby Paterson

Welcome to today’s Photo of the Day! Here we have one of the first Colt revolvers ever! We have covered the Colt Paterson in a very early Photo of The Day but this is the true Colt number one (it is literally referred to that) but it is better known as the Baby Paterson. The Colt Pocket Model Paterson No. 1 was one of a few different-sized Paterson revolvers. It was the smallest of the lineup with a 28-caliber bore. This particular one is actually an Ehlers model which denotes small quality-of-life upgrades such as the folding under-barrel loading lever. Ehlers took control of Colt’s factory and stock after its first bankruptcy and began marketing these leftover Colt revolvers with their upgrades before the company produced some of the most beloved and iconic revolvers in American history.

“Colt/Ehlers Pocket Model Paterson Revolver No 1 (also known as “Baby Paterson” or “Fourth Model Ehlers”) manufactured by John Ehlers c. 1840-1843 following the bankruptcy of Samuel Colt’s Patent Arms Manufacturing Company using Colt Paterson components. The diminutive Baby Paterson/Fourth Model Ehlers revolver is the smallest Colt percussion revolver. This revolver has the distinctive Ehlers features which include: (1) attached loading lever with retaining spring, (2) capping channel in the right recoil shield and (3) rounded cylinder rear. The cylinder back has ratchet teeth and lacks the cylinder turning ring found on early Colt Paterson revolvers.”

Baby Paterson

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