POTD: Stolzer Percussion 2 Bore Smoothbore Gun


POTD: Stolzer Percussion 2 Bore Smoothbore Gun

Welcome to today’s Photo of the Day! Here we have another magnificent and righteous stopping rifle. This is a Stolzer Percussion 2 Bore Smoothbore Gun. Much like the Double Duece that I preciously covered in a different Photo of The Day, this is a stopping rifle made for large and dangerous game. In situations out hunting (in Africa for example) when a large or dangerous animal like a Cape Buffalo, Hippo, or Lion charges you, there is no time to waste or chances to be taken. That is why the bore diameter and bullets are so massive in these rifles. They are made to literally stop something in its tracks. in the case of this Stolzer, I would hope you do not miss it since it is a muzzleloader. Reloading is not much of an option and you only get one shot.

“Manufactured by Colin Stolzer of Stolzer & Sons Gunsmithing of Washington, Kansas. Stolzer & Sons have made their name in exceptionally large bore guns in both cartridge and percussion configurations with close attention to detail and exceptionally fine workmanship. Features a fixed blade front and fixed express notch rear sight on the full length rib inscribed “C. Stolzer” and “2 Bore” ahead of and behind the rear sight respectively in fancy script lettering. The box lock receiver features flourishes of leafy scroll engraving on a textured background, light engraving on the hammer, and a stylized dogs head carved on the hammer head. The trigger guard is engraved and features a fancy scroll bend forming a grip extension. With a checkered forearm with ebony forend cap and straight grip stock with fancy engraved plates along the top of the comb and belly of the stock, and a solid Decelerator recoil pad. The gun includes a walnut case with an English fit green felt interior, Stolzer & Sons label on the inside of the lid, cap tin, cleaning rod, oil bottle, and cleaning tools. The gun also includes a large grouping of cast lead 2 bore ball ammunition, and hardwood cased cleaning set with assorted barrel jags, brush, powder measure, nipple wrench, and 2 bore ball mold. Weight is 22 pounds.”

2 Bore

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