AllOutdoor Review: Lacrosse Alpha Meadow Mud Boots


AllOutdoor Review: Lacrosse Alpha Meadow Mud Boots

While some areas of the nation are under feet of snow, my little piece of heaven in southern New Mexico has been beset by rain. Sure, it’s good for the drought-stricken water table, but you’ll never find a horsewoman rejoicing about doing chores in the mud that inches of rain brings. For sure, a good pair of mud boots is a necessity. Fortunately, I was able to try out a pair of the latest new kicks from Lacrosse for this mucky season. They’re called the Lacrosse Alpha Meadow, and they’re simple, practical, but modern rubber boots. So far, they’re delivering everything a tall pair of waterproof boots does, and then some.

Alpha Meadows by Lacrosse didn’t take long to become my favorite chore footwear.

These mid-high boots rise to just above the ankle, providing protection against the elements and moisture for not only the feet but also the socks. I didn’t realize what an advantage this height would offer for muddy-day chores. With my tall “rubbers,” I’m forced to tuck my pantlegs into the boots as the tops are wide. When I finish with barn chores, they present a whole new chore when doffing them:  my socks are inevitably littered with itchy hay and shavings. Not only does it make an annoying little pile of refuse wherever I take off the boots, it feels itchy and looks bad to have barn scuzz sticking to my socks for the rest of the day. Alpha Meadow boots do away with that in all but the deepest mud. Their shape is a bit funnel-like at the ankle, effectively sealing my feet off from the elements and dirt. What’s more, when I’m in a hurry to get morning tasks done and don’t have time to change pants before work, they don’t wrinkle them since the pants don’t tuck in. After years of wearing tall boots and putting up with itchy socks and wrinkled pants at work for the rest of the day, wearing these feels like I’m getting away with something. They hug the foot gently, not enough to rub at least with socks on, but enough to seal out frigid air and dirt.

Lacrosse applied intelligent design to these boots. The soles are thick enough to create a bit of a platform effect, helping me “rise above” the mud to some extent without feeling at all unstable, thanks to the relatively flat sole.

A pull tab to put ’em on, and a ledge to kick ’em off, all without touching any goo. Winning!

There is triple-layer rubber on the toes, so using a foot to kick a gate open or move something around is as easy as it is in work boots. But unlike work boots, these only take a few seconds to slip on thanks to the pull tab in the back.

Great features continue when it comes to removing the Alpha Meadows. There’s a stiff little ledge on the back of the heel, too low to interfere with pants but just right for stepping on one boot with the other to remove them. No need to touch yucky stuff to remove them! This is a boon, especially when walking inside with my hands full or attempting a quick footwear change between farm chores and the work commute. Again, it almost feels like I’m getting away with something here after having struggled with taller, less well-thought out boots for so long.

They’re like little hugs for your feet, which is so enjoyable when the weather is being kinda mean. 

Inside the boot are more good features. On the sole is a padded liner, similar to one in any well-padded athletic shoe. It’s removable to create more space if needed, or if it wears out. My only complaint about the Alpha Meadow is that the middle insole tends to bridge up toward the boot opening when I remove a boot. It’s no trouble to tuck it back down when I put them on again, but it’d sure be convenient if they stayed put.

Those who sweat easily will probably do so less in these minimally-restricting boots. Around the interior is a neoprene lining, crafted to encourage air flow inside the boot while the stretchy cuff around the top seals out cold air and moisture. Feet come out of these boots cozy, not clammy.

While they’ll never be my first choice to wear for a trip to the grocery store, Lacrosse Alpha Meadow boots are far more presentable as town wear than traditional rubber boots. After a couple weeks of wearing these boots in mud and muck, I can attest to their waterproof-ness, which is kind of the whole point of rubber boots, though I’m equally enthralled with what they keep out of my socks.

Nice enough to go to town once the mud’s washed off. Thanks to 5.11 for the jeans in this photo.

Traction is good with Alpha Meadows, which is not to say they’d be good on ice, but the opposing-angle tread pattern does a nice job of helping me feel secure when the footing is slick. Since I often have my hands/arms loaded down during chores, it’s a good feeling.

Sizing on these great Lacrosse boots is in whole sizes only. Wearing thick socks easily mitigates the difference I feel having chosen a half size larger than normal. Alpha Meadow boots are made for the female consumer but its male counterpart is called Alpha Muddy. Colors are black (with a cool contrasting sole layer) and green with a brown/black sole. They’re priced at $130, and many retailers carry the brand, or order direct. These boots deliver on the promise of “effortless” wear. To me, they offer a bit of convenience and comfort when conditions outside are quite the opposite. As a result, they feel luxurious.

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