POTD: Not A Success – The Standard Arms Camp Gun


POTD: Not A Success – The Standard Arms Camp Gun

Welcome to today’s Photo of the Day! Here we have another Standard Arms long arm. This is the Standard Arms Camp Rifle chambered for a 50 caliber cartridge. Previously I covered the Standard Arms Model G which stands in history as one of the biggest firearm design failures. Some recap, the Standard Arms Model G was much ahead of its time in terms of concept. It was primarily a semiautomatic rifle but could also be operated in a pump action mode if the user chose to. These unfortunately had a habit of breaking and later on the company would release modified “pump action only” models in hopes of salvaging some sales. This Standard Arms Camp gun (hard to call a rifle) is chambered for a 50 caliber proprietary cartridge similar to 50-70. It sports a smoothbore barrel and was intended to fire a single lead ball or a shotshell. Very few were made (roughly 30) and featured a pump action for the previously mentioned reasons.

“Manufactured from 1912-1914. This is an extremely rare smooth bore rifle for 50-70 caliber buckshot or round ball with an estimated 25-30 manufactured by Standard Arms and 5-10 fabricated by third parties from components purchased after Standard Arms closed. Ramp bead front sight, two-line Standard Arms Mfg. Co. barrel address, preceded by “CAMP”/50 cal.” grooved forearm and smooth pistol grip stock with buttplate featuring high relief wildlife and logo designs.”

Standard Arms Camp

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