POTD: But is it Too Nice? – Korth PRS 1911 Pistol 45ACP


POTD: But is it Too Nice? – Korth PRS 1911 Pistol 45ACP

Welcome to today’s Photo of the Day! Here we have an absolutely extravagant pistol. This is a Korth PRS 1911-style pistol in 45 ACP. To those who may not be familiar with Korth, they are a German company that is much more widely known for making premium revolvers. I would go as far as saying that they are more than premium they are whatever you call the next step up. The Korth PRS 1911 was introduced in 2015 as a new take or spin on the 1911. A “just because we can” in my book. It uses a very German roller delayed mechanism which adds a bit of durability to an already tank of a pistol. It is made to have an excellent trigger pull, very tight and smooth tolerances, and it is even recommended that their Korth branded 1911 magazines be used for beat performance.

“Introduced in 2015. Designed with a unique roller-delayed blow back action with a fixed barrel, a feature more commonly seen on semi-automatic sporting, and military style rifles. The fixed barrel does not tilt as the action cycles resulting in sharper recoil, and generally faster cycling. White highlight blade front and notch sights, standard markings and proofs, under barrel Picatinny rail, serrated aluminum trigger, dimpled checkering on the slide and grip frame, extended slide catch thumb safety, and beavertail grip safety, and serrated skeletonized hammer. With checkered diamond pattern grips. Each Korth pistol is made to order and tailored to the individual. With hardwood case, multi-tool, three extra rear shock absorbers (red/strong, yellow/middle, green/soft), two extra closure springs (strong and middle), extra magazine, extra grips, and full instruction manual.”

Korth PRS

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