POTD: The Production Model – The Mauser 1896 Carbine


POTD: The Production Model – The Mauser 1896 Carbine

Welcome to today’s Photo of the Day! Here we have yet another Mauser 1896 firearm. This particular one is an actual production model. I say that since the one previously covered on Photo of the Day was the prototype used to potentially wow military officials (specifically the cavalry). Unlike the other one or the pistols, this one has a forend to go with its long barrel. Obviously, this would be necessary for greater stability and a precaution to hot barrels. The stock is still removable for better portability. This is an early model denoted by the ring on the hammer and the long extractor style.

“This is an exceptional example of a very rare early production Mauser Model 1896 large ring hammer flatside carbine complete with its original matching detachable shoulder stock. This carbine was originally from the Dr. Geoffrey Sturgess collection. These early carbines were actually intended as a short rifle substitute, the same as the early Luger Carbines. They are very rare as so few were manufactured with the very unique detachable shoulder stock. To accomplish this the rear underside of the receiver was machined with a large lug, in lieu of the traditional pistol grip. The shoulder stock had the lower pistol grip section attached to a slightly longer buttstock section. This makes the carbine easy to disassemble and store in a small leather case for travel. This carbine is very desirable due to its low serial number and early transitional features, such as the early “long chamber” area which is roll-stamped on top: “WAFFENFABRIK/MAUSER/OBERNDORF A/N” in three lines with the serial number “242” marked on the left side. These all had a heavier frame rail with no milling cuts, to support the weight of the upper receiver, due to the longer barrel. This example has the shorter 11 3/4 inch length barrel and as noted is fitted with a ramp front sight base and a early Mauser factory globe front sight with the small pin-head bead inside the globe. It is fitted with the correct early transitional tangent rear sight that is marked: 50-500 meters that is correctly numbered “242” on the underside of the tangent. It has the early Mauser antler firing proof on the right side of the chamber. This early-production example has the desirable “flatside” with no frame panels. “

Mauser 1896

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