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Our sister site ArcheryTalk.com has been checking out new hunting gear at the 2017 ATA Show. This video highlights two models of Browning Speed Load replaceable-blade knives, which are impressive. I have had a Sheffield Rhino knife for years, and what I like best about it is its ability to solidly Read More…


Patented in 1718, the Puckle gun was capable of firing 63 rounds in 7 minutes. That was previously unheard of, and all the more impressive because it is a large-bore tripod-mounted gun. Caliber of Puckle guns varied, but Ian says that for the most part they seems to be one inch or larger, sometimes Read More…


This is a cool way to get a little heat and looks to be a lot better than a Sterno can. Heck, it can even be used for cooking or boiling water in the field. There are plenty of alcohol burner videos out there, but this one looks like pretty simple and easy to make,[.....]


I like this. These folks get out in the cold to do some shotgun practice on clay pigeons. But instead of using a clay-throwing contraption, they simply set up a wooden ramp and use a hockey stick to fling the clays up into the air. Pretty neat! The course of each target changes according to[.....]