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Ducks Unlimited announced the winners of the 2017¬†Wetland Conservation Achievement Awards¬†during the 82nd North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference held in Spokane, Washington. This year’s recipient in the communications category is the late Wade Bourne. Wade Bourne’s Read More…


Don’t let this happen to you! Seriously, there are some really short guns in the world, and when you grab one with both hands, there is often a tendency to hold the gun farther forward than you should. In this short video, Hickock45 gives some good advice about shooting stumpy guns, and he Read More…


Sculpture is cool, and there are numerous ways to create it. Recently I’ve seen a number of sculptures that were made so that a different shape is presented to the viewer depending viewing direction. In other words, looking from the front shows one scene, but walk 90 degrees or 1/4 of the way Read More…


So your battery is dead, and no help is to be found. How can you get your car started? Well, if it has a manual transmission you can always pull- or push-start it. But what if you aren’t strong enough to move the vehicle or it’s in a bad position? In that case, you can[.....]