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One to Watch: Muyshondt Spinner


I am not going to hide my bias–I am a huge fan of Enrique Muyshondt’s flashlights. I loved the Aeon and the Aeon Mk. II. Both are among the best EDC lights available, regardless of price. I recently had the chance to review another of his lights, a AAA Mako Mk.II, and it was also[.....]

One to Watch: Spyderco Rubicon


Over the years, Spyderco has done very well in the middle of the market. The Delica and Endura are annual best sellers, and rightfully so. In the past two years, however, the company has made a distinct move towards the upper end of the price range for production knives. This is, no doubt, in Read More…

Review: Springfield XD Subcompact Mod 2 in 9mm

Is it possible to improve on concealed-carry perfection?

Springfield XD - 07

The ergonomics of the Springfield’s XD line are hard to beat–many would say impossible. But with today’s launch of the Springfield XD Mod 2, America’s oldest gunmaker is out to improve on perfection. The new Mod 2 boasts a slate of tweaks to the tried-and-true XD design, all Read More…

Review: Leatherman Leap

A multitool designed specifically for kids.


If you have tools and a kid then you will soon find out that kids love tools. They love mimicking you. They love exploring the world with their tools. They love poking and prodding and sawing (yes, sawing–helicopter parents need not read the rest of this review). But most tools are too big for Read More…

Review: Leatherman by the Numbers #4


Once upon a time, a long while ago, there was a single man standing at a grinder spitting out ones and twos of brilliantly design One Piece Multitools (OPMTs). They were perfect for popping a brew or as an ad hoc screwdriver. They were made of premium materials with wonderful, hand crafted touches. Read More…

Karas Customs Ink

Image courtesy of Karas Customs Tumblr

I know a lot of folks come here for hunting equipment and the like. There are awesome videos of hawks tormenting deer. So I get that it seems out of place to write a preview of a product as un-outdoorsy as a fountain pen. But few things are a handy to have as part of[.....]