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EDC History: Saladin’s Sword

Source: Wikipedia. Image by Rahil Alipour Ata Abadi

My name is Tony Sculimbrene and I am steel junkie. I love new, high tech steels. I love looking at their chemistry charts. I revel in their HRc numbers. If it has iron in it and is used to cut stuff, I am interested. As silly as it is, I have been known to buy[.....]

Kangaroo Carry Holsters

A low-key carry solution.


Kangaroo Carry holsters combine belly band and shoulder holster concepts. Made of cotton and equipped with a suspender strap, they make hot weather carry more comfortable than with synthetic bellybands that depend purely on pressure around the torso for positioning. The draw is fairly similar to the Read More…

3D Printing Knife Scales

From design to execution.


I’m a fan of making tools by hand, and this extends into modifying tools, too–an old practice among longtime EDCers. The longer one owns a tool like a knife or a multitool, the stranger it seems to not modify it to suit his or her needs. Although I’m just a hobbyist, I currently Read More…

A Hairclip Multitool

A novelty tool with some fun applications.


Fellow gear-loving women might relate to the struggles of not having enough places to store tools. It’s amazing how many pairs of women’s jeans don’t come equipped with pockets. And while this little hairclip multitool certainly won’t put your actual multitool out of Read More…