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Bolt-Action 30-caliber Pens: Only in America. Er, Canada…

Metal and exotic wood come together in these nifty firearm-ish writing instruments.

Over-Under Pen with bullet tip, shotgun-like cap, and over-under pocket clip.

Hidden among inane what-I-had-for-lunch posts, mingled with videos of copycats dumping ice water over their heads, nestled between political memes, I discovered a jewel on Facebook. Yes, they still exist. It was a post in a hunting group, advertising unique writing pens with a shooting twist. Read More…

Review: Quake Industries Stag Seat

Need an all-terrain outdoors, hunting, fishing, camping seat? This is it.


It may seem odd to call a camp seat an All-Terrain product, but then the Quake Industries All-Terrain Seat comes as close to anything I can imagine. As a connoisseur of hunting camp seating equipment, I have found the Quake Stag a superior version of the common seat to have around the camp, in Read More…

Short Course on Seward Salmon

Fishing out of Seward, Alaska some of the best on the planet.


If you have never been to Alaska, then get out your bucket list and immediately put an entry in under “place to go this year.” All of Alaska is a postcard state, but few of the destinations are as panoramic as the southern coastal town of Seward direct down Highway 9 (also known as the[.....]

EDC History: Saladin’s Sword

Source: Wikipedia. Image by Rahil Alipour Ata Abadi

My name is Tony Sculimbrene and I am steel junkie. I love new, high tech steels. I love looking at their chemistry charts. I revel in their HRc numbers. If it has iron in it and is used to cut stuff, I am interested. As silly as it is, I have been known to buy[.....]