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There is a new breed of knife maker out there that just ten years ago would never have existed. In the folding knife world there are two camps, usually spanned by a wide chasm. On one side are the traditional knife folks. If it doesn’t have stag on it, well then it’s just a toy.[.....]


By now you’re tired of hunting. Most of us are in the garage looking for a project before we have to get the lawnmower going, and I have just the ticket: it’s time plan your next fishing trip and to start gearing up for the spring fishing season. Dig out those tackle boxes and fishing[.....]


T-shaped knives have been with us for millenia. This particular design became very popular as a primary carry weapon in the US during 19th century, later being supplanted by small pistols. Recently, with a variety of affordable and good quality models by Cold Steel, their popularity has risen again. Read More…

Mag loader

Life can dish out its share of annoying little injuries. I hate paper cuts, mashed fingers in doors, a slipped screwdriver into the hand, anything heavy dropped on my toes, and thumbs busted trying to push rounds into a pistol magazine. Well, those days are over, at least for the busted thumbs. Read More…


I remember when I first starting buying and using knives, and $100 seemed like a ton to spend on a blade. When I first saw the price tag on a Sebenza I scoffed. Years later, both $100 and $300 is still a lot to spend on a blade, but it’s something I have done a[.....]