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The Birth of a Tool, Part 2


It’s Friday, and if you’re like me, you might be gearing up for some fun weekend adventurers. What’s a more satisfying endeavor than making a tool from scratch? It’s a great weekend to fire up the forge! Earlier this week, we shared part 1 of John Neeman Tools’ Read More…

“Defender” Self-Defense Tool Sends Photo, Sounds Alarm, Disables Attacker

One button can trigger it all. iOS or Android smart phone required.

Promotional photo of the Defender in use.

Ain’t technology grand? Sometimes, that is. And if a new device simply called “The Defender” performs as advertised, it can help catch criminals and help victims. Billed as “smart personal protection,” this nifty device can snap a photo and send it to the cops, sound an Read More…

The Birth of a Tool, Part 1


The maker movement and craftsmanship is back in full swing, and it’s refreshing to see tools and products made by hand. The first part of a documentary created by John Neeman Tools, called The Birth of a Tool, showcases the process of building an axe. John Neeman Tools is a Latvia-based Read More…

A Long Look at the Fallkniven A1 has posted a really, really long review of the Fallkniven A1. It’s worth checking out if you’re curious about this particular classic survival knife. The Fallkniven A1 is not a beginner’s knife. Of course it would work as such, but the life-saving features of the A1 Read More…

Wallets on Kickstarter

A unique form factor and a desire for the perfect product appeals to designers.


We like to share cool Kickstarter projects here on occasion, and it’s interesting to see the platform jumpstart new manufacturing and product design businesses. There’s a few reasons this is good for gearheads; we get more variety in the items we can integrate into our day to day lives, Read More…