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A.L.I.C.E. Gear for Bugging Out

Packing lighter and smarter.


You don’t have to identify as a prepper or survivalist to have a bug-out bag (BOB) ready to go at all times. One never knows when one might have to get out, and get out fast, from your home because of fire, earthquake, riots, or whatever may come your way. My entire family is equipped[.....]

Flextone’s New Lighting Owl Locator Call

A realistic call of the wild.

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To hunt tom turkey, one must have the ability to provoke the turkey into revealing its location; this ability requires an understanding of what will cause that reaction. Traditionally, a hoot of an owl does the trick, but animals are perceptive and can sense the difference between a real call and an Read More…

Hot Shot Manufacturing’s New Accu-Peep

A subtle but effective improvement to accuracy.


Archers and hunters are no strangers to detail and precision, and subtle but effective augmentations to a bow can aid in accuracy. That improvement doesn’t have to be expensive. That’s the goal of the Accu-Peep, a new peep sight recently released by Hot Shot Manufacturing. The Accu-Peep, Read More…