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Rugged Shark’s Shoes for Water Recreation

Keeping feet comfortable and dry.


Things tend to get a bit muddy and wet during spring thanks to unexpected rainstorms and the influx of sprinklers fired up in neighborhood lawns. But without the chill of winter, wearing water resistant-boots results in sweaty feet, especially as the weather inches closer to summer. A good pair of Read More…

The Ultimate Large Bug Out Duffle?


One of the most critical items you need to get you and your family out during a “Bug Out” situation is the ability to gather into one place all the stuff out you supposedly want to bug out with. A large duffle is one of the most flexible bags on the planet for this purpose,[.....]

Adventure Medical Kits: Basic First Aid and Shelter for the Outdoors

Every time you venture into the wilds, a basic first aid kit should be packed.

Med kits 2

It was very cold during our deep winter deer hunt in Northern Missouri, near the hamlet of Greentop only a few short miles from the Iowa border. It had been spitting snow, sleet, and other nasty atmospherics, including a few gusts of sideways wind. Most anybody with any sense would have been holed Read More…