Browning Crowell/Barker Competition Knife Destructon Test

   04.22.14 Browning Crowell/Barker Competition Knife Destructon Test

This week’s destruction test features the Browning Crowell/Barker Competition Knife, which retails from Browning for $183. While last week’s test also showcased the Competition knife, Noss didn’t quite put it to the destruction test, instead trying out basic bushcraft tasks. In this four-part destruction test, Noss starts by peeling and slicing an apple with the large knife. It does decent enough given its size. Then, the knife cuts several large notches into a plank of wood, and is also able to slice through webbing.

Some warping begins to happen when the blade is pounded into metal, but the tip is still able to splinter a piece of wood. Additional damage is taken to the blade spine when a mallet is used on it to make more notches. Concrete continues to wear at the blade, but it is able to withstand much of the impact. However, this doesn’t last much longer because the tip of the blade breaks off during the pressure test. The rest of the knife is put through a few more tasks involving metal and pressure before coming apart.

Check out the four-part video below, which you can view as a playlist. Catch up on past articles here.


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