Cold Steel Bushman Extreme Spear Test

   06.10.14 Cold Steel Bushman Extreme Spear Test

This week’s features the Cold Steel Bushman extreme test. As you might remember, the Bushman has already gone through a standard destruction test that you can watch here.

As Noss says at the beginning of the video, “I can’t throw a spear… It takes a lot of time and skill and practice to be an effective spear thrower.” To test the knife, Noss built a device instead: a huge air cannon. The intention was the blast the knife out of it and “see what it can do.”

I’m always intrigued at the prospect of shooting sharp objects out of cannons. The first test starts at 30 psi, and the knife hits a bit below target. Noss and friends continue to amp up the pressure and change the backing material, and the knife eventually takes some damage. In part 3, they shoot the knife into a television set. So if you need to shake off some stress or are curious about what happens when a blade is speared into a TV screen, you’ll want to check this test out.

Check out the 3-part video below and catch up on previous tests at


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