BulletSafe Cap and Bulletproof Compression Shirt Prototype – SHOT Show 2016


BulletSafe Cap and Bulletproof Compression Shirt Prototype – SHOT Show 2016

A while back, I ran across info on a bulletproof baseball cap from BulletSafe. Nay-sayers said it wasn’t for real, so I confirmed it at the 2016 SHOT Show.

Later, I let our readers know about the production prototype test and then a “brain test.”

At the 2016 SHOT Show, I was able to see the production cap for myself. Pre-orders have been shipped, so it’s definitely a real product that’s in the hands (or on the heads) of consumers.

It’s not exactly built for comfort. The hard inner ballistic panel means the front of the cap’s headband (that is, the inside portion of the bill) never touches your noggin. Instead, a foam cushion inside the panel lies against your forehead, and the bill is pushed forward as a result. I quipped that this gives wearers a little more shade than a standard cap’s bill, but all in all it looks like it will provide a whole lot more ballistic protection than nothing, though it won’t be fun to wear. But when you’re risking your life, it’s generally not about having fun. You’re just looking for an edge that might save your bacon.

Speaking of that, BulletSafe now has a prototype bulletproof undershirt. The panel itself looked pretty heavy. I’m not sure how well the shirt will keep it up and in place during a day’s work. I liked the looks of it.

BulletSafe prototype compression undershirt. Note: Tom doesn’t look like a bobblehead in real life.

It’s a compression type shirt, with a flexible bulletproof panel in front to protect your “center mass.” No word yet on when or if production might kick in for this one.

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