Watch: Cutting New Tread Grooves in a Tire


Watch: Cutting New Tread Grooves in a Tire

A while back, we showed you a video in which a guy freshened up the treads on his off-road truck by cutting them deeper–freehand–with a chainsaw!

Some readers freaked out a bit, expecting the tires to explode or shake his brains(?) out due to a lack of balance. Others took a more reasoned approach.

Well, here’s someone using a sure-nuff regrooving tool to cut new tread grooves into tires. Looks like it works pretty well, although it also looks to be a good bit of work.

You select the size (width) of blade and set the depth, and then go to work. The blade gets hot so it cuts the rubber as you push it forward.

I have some tires on a woods Jeep that could use this treatment, but I don’t want to plop down the money for a special tool just to fix one set of tires. And I need to check to see if there’s enough rubber left on them.

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