Watch: Paracord Axe Handle Wrap


Watch: Paracord Axe Handle Wrap

Here’s a quickie that could be useful. A paracord wrap on an axe handle could provide better grip while also protecting the handle from getting too badly damaged when you miss your mark and clobber a hunk of tree with the handle instead of the axe head.

Yeah, I know. That never happens to you, right? But maybe when your buddy borrows the ol’ chopper…

Is it as nifty as a paracord survival grenade? You decide.

In my opinion, the wrapper in this video stopped too soon; he should have gone right up to the axe head. Maybe he ran out of cord before he got there. If so, poor planning. But still a useful idea that could come in handy for all sorts of other things, too.

Anyhow, check it out.

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