Stockpiling 223 Remington Ammunition


Stockpiling 223 Remington Ammunition

If you are looking to stockpile ammunition, this is a buyers market. The political atmosphere of early to mid-2016 caused a lot of gun owners to start buying. The more Hillary Clinton looked like she was going to win the election, the more gear gun owners bought.

Then November 8, 2016 came along and the rug was pulled out from under the Democrats. Republicans won control of the House, the Senate, and the President. As I write this I can not remember a time when the gun market was flush with so much ammunition or parts.

If you own an AR-15, Mini-14 or some other rifle chambered in 223 Remington, take a long look through these forum thread about buying 223/5.56mm.

223 / 5.56mm Best Quality To Price Ratio.

Stockpiling .223 or 5.56 for your AR?

Steel case ammo for Mini-14.

Whats in your ammo stash.

A few thoughts on ammo stockpiles.

This is truly a buyers market. If you want to stockpile 223 ammunition, now is the time.

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