Stockpiling Basic SHTF Survival Gear


Stockpiling Basic SHTF Survival Gear

It is not a matter of if, but when there is a major disruption of society. Have you taken your friends and family members into account? When prepping, we can not just think of ourselves.

Let’s take a few minutes and talk about stockpiling basic survival gear for friends and family members who may show up at your door. We are not talking about blankets, pillows, or cots. Those should be a given.

We are going to talk about stockpiling basic survival gear for a complete collapse of society. This should allow friends and family members to hunt, fish, skin wild game, and be able to carry basic gear.

Backpack – I use to recommend the medium ALICE pack, but they have gotten expensive and prices continue increase.

Wait until after school starts, and stores should put their “back to school” backpacks on clearance sale.  Several years ago, I found school backpacks for $5 each. The store wanted to get rid of the overstock, so the packs were put into bins and put on sale.

Bedroll – Something like a fleece sleeping bag. Prices range around $20. Can double as a light blanket for around the house.

Canteen and cup – Military surplus, nothing expensive. Why a canteen and cup over a water bottle?  The cup can be used to cook with.

Cord – I buy trotline string and use it for cord around the house.

Fire starter – Pill bottle with matches and striker. Maybe another pill bottle with dryer lint.

Flashlight – Some kind of cheap flashlight. Everyone should have their own personal flashlight and keep it close at hand.

Dogs start barking in the middle of the night, nobody should be asking where their flashlight is.

Knife – There are a number of decent quality knives on the market at an affordable price. Sites like Ebay and Amazon are a good place to start. Do not spend a lot of money. Just something that can cut cord or skin small game.

I have been adding Survivor brand name knives to my stockpile. They are very affordable and have a wide selection.

Rain poncho – Nothing expensive, just something to build a hooch and keep the rain off.

Water filter – There are a wide range of affordable water filter options on the market. A buddy kept telling me about the Sawyer mini water filter, so I bought one. If you keep it cleaned out, the filter is rated for 100,000 gallons. As of March 12, 2017 it has a price of $19.99.

Basic Gear

This should cover basic gear needed for someone to do recon around the bug out location or go on food gathering trips.

Food – foraging, hunting and fishing.

Water – water filter and canteen.

Shelter – poncho for hooch and bedroll

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