Honor Defense’s “All-American & All You Need” Promo


Honor Defense’s “All-American & All You Need” Promo

Honor Defense is a name that’s becoming more and more popular among shooters. Known as a veteran-centric company, they make every pistol in the USA.

They say they make “the finest concealed carry 9mm pistol,” and I like their poppers (though a tad large for my taste). And if you buy any new Honor Defense pistol by July 4, 2017, you will get some extra bonus goodies:

  • Free 25 rounds of Sinterfire frangible ammunition
  • Free 8 Round Honor Guard Extended Magazine
  • $50 off a Viridian green laser with holster
  • 50 percent off coupon in Honor Defense webstore (grips, magazines, conversion kits, etc…)

The purpose of the promo, they say, is to raise awareness of the company and what it stands for:

They want to make sure all consumers know that all Honor Defense pistols are made and assembled by veterans in Gainesville, Georgia, USA.

They offer the following info to help you out:

It’s easy to get your free items! Simply email or fax the form and a copy (photos accepted) of your receipt to : Fax number:678-943- 8034 or email: [email protected]

For more information about the All-American & All You Need promotion, contact Honor Defense at 678-943-8035.

What’s not to like? Be sure to check out this review of an Honor Defense 9mm pistol.

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