Preppers: What Calibers do Friends and Family Members Shoot?


Preppers: What Calibers do Friends and Family Members Shoot?

Preppers, do you know what calibers your friends and family members shoot?

Part of my overall prepping plan is to have ammunition for calibers my friends and family shoot. For example, three of my family members shoot 30-06. While I do not have a 30-06, I buy a box of Remington Core-Lokt 30-06 from time to time.

In a worst case situation, some kind of event has happened, and friends and family members bug out and show up at my house with nothing but their clothes and a couple of firearms. Well, I just happen to have ammunition in my stockpile for their rifles.

Handguns are a different story. Everyone in my family shoots pretty much the same calibers–9mm, 40 S&W, 45 acp, and 357 magnum. A couple of family members have handguns in .380.

Then there is the topic of Glock standardization. If all members of the prepping group would buy at least one full or mid-size Glock 9mm, chances are the magazines would be interchangeable. This would save everyone in the group a lot of money and hassle.

When it comes to groups, chances are Glock is the perfect handgun. Not only does everyone in the group shoot the same caliber, but with Glock you also get magazine and parts interchangeability.

Calibers to Stockpile

Rather than straight out asking friends and family members what calibers they shoot, bring up the topic of firearms. Talk about hunting and then ask what calibers they shoot.

When the person starts talking about the calibers they shoot, I usually ask what brand name and bullet weight they buy. Some like Federal, others may like Remington. Very few shoot Winchester. For whitetail deer, 150 grain is preferred across 270, 280, 30-30, 308, and 30-06.

While visiting my aunt, my cousin asked if I would like to see his new rifle. Of course I said yes. He pulled out a Marlin 783 bolt action rifle chambered in 22 magnum. It was a beautiful older rifle that did not have a speck of rust on it. The previous owner had taken great care of the rifle.

My cousin had no idea as to “why” I agreed to see the rifle. Now that I have seen the rifle and looked it over, I might purchase a box of 22 magnum ammunition to have in my collection.

While collecting information, I determine whether or not the caliber will be added to my ammunition stockpile. Calibers such as the .380 will not be added. The 22 magnum on the other hand, probably.

Why exclude the .380? The 9mm is superior in every way.

Why include the 22 magnum? It can do everything the 22 long rifle can, and more.

Amount to Stockpile

How much ammunition do I stockpile for calibers friends and family members shoot? Usually, no more than two or three boxes.

Let’s use two boxes for an example. Next, let’s say 1.5 rounds per deer. Why 1.5 rounds? Some deer or hogs may be shot twice, while others shot once, or the hunter may miss a shot.

40 rounds divided by an average of 1.5 rounds per animal, gives us an average of 26.6 animals. Let’s subtract a few rounds for sighting in the rifle and go with 20 hogs or deer. Or, that is 40 rounds for someone to use a hunting rifle for protection.

Overall, I do not spend a lot of money on various calibers. Just something for a friend of family member to load their firearm and have a sense of security.


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